Short story #11

They both were lying on the bed adjacent to each other, in the hospital room.

She took her last breath and he found a new life.

The heart transplant was successful.

A mother love again won the battle for her son’s life.


Short story #10

She wanted to be the only queen of his heart…

But soon she find out, his heart was already rented to others…

My diary #6

I am lying on the roof under the sky, folding my hands like a pillow under my head. Thinking about you…, away from the chaos of this rushing world, you are the reason that I find happiness in the solitude. The air gently brushed my hair away from my face. I was Comparing the calm, cold air with your touch, as you used to tuck my hair behind my ear.

I was mesmerized by that fascinating look into your eyes, I could see the affection,the care straight into your eyes.

We used to walk holding hand in hand. I felt very pampered at that time. You used to shift me on your left side so that I can walk freely while you were there hearing me with all the patience and caring for me.

I always feel so carefree around you; it is just because I know, if I’ll do something wrong then you’ll hold my hand and you’ll take me away from all the wrong things.

I’m very mature when I’m alone but not with you. When I’m with you, I do all the childish things that I want to do;Because I know you’ll handle me.

I know you’re always with me.

Some drops of rain fall on my cheeks and now I have to stop thinking about you. Because the thought of meeting you tomorrow is more exciting…


तिनकों की तरह बिखरी है जिंदगी,

तिनके तिनके का ही सहारा है।

तिनके तिनके की कमी भी है,

तिनकों में ही गुजारा है।

My diary #5

Today I’m going to share and discuss something serious with you all…

There is a lady I know, she is 46 years old and she has a daughter of my age and two sons one is in class 12th and one is in class 9th.

The problem is her husband!!! He abuse her both physically and mentally almost in every week. I told her to leave her husband but she is not ready to do that for the sake of our Indian sanskar and our so called sanskari society who can’t even stand for her…

I come to know about all this thing about her today. She lives in another town from mine. Her husband doesn’t respects her at all even he abuses her all the time. She is the victim of marital rape also and it happens with her every time whenever he’s frustrated…

She never goes out of her house without his permission even to meet her daughter who lives away from her.

She is not allowed to go to her mother’s home and also she is not allowed to spent a single penny on her.

She is not allowed to talk to anyone without his permission.

She is living like his slave… I was very furious when I come to know about this incident…I’m feeling very helpless but I want to help her.

If you have any idea…Please give your suggestions..

P.S -This post is not about likes and comment. This is really someone’s life and her daily routine…For once think about it….


Hello!!! Everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your Friday quite well.

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