My father 

I’ve never been with my father for so long Because he used to be busy always. He come to visit us only in weekends. I was much close to my grandma and grandpa. When I was 6 years old my father moved to another town with my mom and since  i was  much connected with my grandparents,i stayed with them. 

Even though he was away from me he cared for me. He always knows what I need or what I am thinking about. He used to visit us on festivals. One incident I remember I was very scared with crackers in my childhood. It was Diwali and my father was at his festival visit to us. He watched me scaring  at a distance and come to me. He hold my hand and we burn all the crackers together. He always told me to be fearless. Not only he say,he had lived his life fearlessly. He has always been hard working through out his life and he taught me so. 

Being busy all day long he remembers my every schedule. I call him in every problem of my life and he never ignored it whether the problem is too small to notice,he always been a good listener. He is my problem solver and my motivational speaker, my guide and my friend. 

He is not an extraordinary man but he is an ordinary man with extra ordinary qualities. I can never sum up his contribution towards my life but yes a father is really a superhero for their children and he is too…My superhero 👨‍👨‍👧

My life 

It is so painful when you expect something from someone and it is just you who is thinking like that. On one side you are giving someone all your life but on the other they think of you just a time pass….i don’t know what I am trying to say…but this time I’m feeling like dying inside. My life seems Unmanageable and i don’t know where it will lead me. This time I am just lying on my bed and typing this shit. Why sometimes life becomes so hard that I want to die but can’t. It feels like in the whole world of millions of people why a single person doesn’t care about you and you’ll fall for only that person…