whenever i listen a romantic song, it reminds me of you

whenever i see happy couples around me,I miss my happy moments that I’ve spent with you…

whenever I walk around the street,I miss the grip of your hand around mine…

whenever I find your fragrance around me,I miss those nights when you were close to me…

whenever the cold breeze touches my hair,I can feel the warmth of your hands…

All these moments are passed now. Those were sort yet sweet moments of my life.I know i can never forget you even if i hardly try and badly want to do so…but somewhere deep in my heart i know that i still love you and i don’t want to erase your memories because these are the only reason why i wake up every morning with smile because you wanted to see me smiling forever. 

Now you’re not in this world but you know what, you are the reason that i can live my life forever with a smile 🙂 miss you

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