Short story #3

Meera was new in the hostel. She was lying on the bed. Staring at the ceiling in dark, she thought to call her mother as she was scared of the hostel stories.She was searching the phone on the bed in dark. Her hands goes side by side and up and down on her right to find the phone. Suddenly…the touch of another hand made her shiver to the heart…she screamed at once and then puts her hand back. She was too afraid to got down.She jumped out of skin and  ran towards the switch board and switched  the lights on of her room. As she turned the light, she watched a girl sitting in the corner of the room. That girl was wearing rags and her hair was all dirty…she was crying and staring at Meera. Her heart was beating at a faster rate… She was afraid like never before and…..Then she heard a voice….
Surprise!!!  It was Her friends and her new roommates. It was a prank they planned to welcome Meera. Meera started shivering and she became unconscious and fell down on the floor. Everyone in the room was stunned at this situation .They lifted her up and took her to the hospital. After check up the doctor declared her dead…

Their stupid prank had taken someone’s breath away… 

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