My grandmother,the GOD’s grand blessing for me,that can’t be replaced,can’t be changed.I feel very lucky that she is here to share my problems,to scold me,to cure my difficulties.I like,when she gets angry sometimes,she looks so adorable,so cute that i can’t stop myself from hugging her.This is also a easiest way to make her smile.She forgets all her anger and starts blessing me.I behave more childish when she is with me.Her smile and her blessings are my strength for any big day. Whenever i get depressed i love to talk with my grandmother.Those winter mornings which i spends with her with a hot mug of dark cofee,are special for me.She is the only one who never complains that i am so talkative.It looks like she also enjoy my company.Obviously,she is quite old now,but her simple beuty has a classic era .When she dries her grey,soft and white snowlike hair in sun during  winter morning, she feds all the beuties of the world.My pain got healed when i talk with her. She makes me cofortable. She dose not complains about anything. She just listens me and gifts me a lot of suggetions.She has lerned a lot from her past 60yrs. She gave me the best of her experiences that are priceless for me,her experiences taught me a lot about life,about people and all about this world.Whenever i share my difficulties with her, that time i feel like,i am pouring my heart out with the surrounding and that make my half problem solved.She is like a time machine also, she takes me away in old days when mobile phones,tv sets and all other electronic stuffs was not so usual,she tells me about that time how people were used to connect each other. That time having a radio or a tv set was a big deal. She often compares those time with the modern one. She says that at that time people was not so selfish like this,they were helping in nature.The earning was not much but people used to be happy with whatever they have.From her experiences i understand the world better and her moral lessons helps me to be a good human.I know one day life will snatch her from me,but till then i will try to do every possilble thing that can make her happy and can put smile on her face…May she be with me always!

12 thoughts on “MY GRANDMOTHER

  1. Beautiful words. She will be in all ways and always be with you, because Love is eternal, infinite and a spiritual connection far beyond the limited physical plane of existance. Death is not the end, but the transformation of life. And therefore not the end, but the transformation of your Relationship. It can be a deepening.

    Blessings to you and your whole Family!

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