sneakers that you must have in your wardrobe

Hallo girls…
Today i am going to discuss about the sneakers that you must have in your wardrobe and about the looks they give you while you are wearing them –

  • White sneakers- White is the colour of piece and if you’re wearing white sneakers it gives you calm,simple and formal look.You can try white sneakers with any of your blue,black and grey coloured can wear it anywhere without having a second thought.
  • Red sneakers- Red sneakers gives you bold,vibrant and sporty look.Red is like center of attraction.If you are going with red sneakers then you’ll feel energy and active all day long. You can wear it with blue, white,black pants.You may also try it with shorts,because this combination looks pretty cute.
  • Black sneakers- Everyone knows that black is bold colour.Wearing black sneakers is acceptable with any of your black dress.It gives you bold and strong look.
  • Denim sneakers- Here comes denim,almost everyone’s favorite. Denim suits almost every popular jeans colour.It gives you vibrant,fresh and free look.

     Its is first time for me that I’m giving a post related to dressing.I hope you’d like it. If you want to suggest something related to post then welcome to comment box…thank you:)

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