My diary #6

I am lying on the roof under the sky, folding my hands like a pillow under my head. Thinking about you…, away from the chaos of this rushing world, you are the reason that I find happiness in the solitude. The air gently brushed my hair away from my face. I was Comparing the calm, cold air with your touch, as you used to tuck my hair behind my ear.

I was mesmerized by that fascinating look into your eyes, I could see the affection,the care straight into your eyes.

We used to walk holding hand in hand. I felt very pampered at that time. You used to shift me on your left side so that I can walk freely while you were there hearing me with all the patience and caring for me.

I always feel so carefree around you; it is just because I know, if I’ll do something wrong then you’ll hold my hand and you’ll take me away from all the wrong things.

I’m very mature when I’m alone but not with you. When I’m with you, I do all the childish things that I want to do;Because I know you’ll handle me.

I know you’re always with me.

Some drops of rain fall on my cheeks and now I have to stop thinking about you. Because the thought of meeting you tomorrow is more exciting…

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