My life 

It is so painful when you expect something from someone and it is just you who is thinking like that. On one side you are giving someone all your life but on the other they think of you just a time pass….i don’t know what I am trying to say…but this time I’m feeling like dying inside. My life seems Unmanageable and i don’t know where it will lead me. This time I am just lying on my bed and typing this shit. Why sometimes life becomes so hard that I want to die but can’t. It feels like in the whole world of millions of people why a single person doesn’t care about you and you’ll fall for only that person…

50 thoughts on “My life 

  1. Expecting is a dangerous habit that all have, but the key to peace that end the war in one’s mind is when you give up on expecting! If everything in life was manageable then there would have been no difference between us and robots, life has to be with the mix of all emotions and situations cause if we don’t experience all kind of situations we don’t grow as an individual. It’s only when you fall you know how it pains and the value and joy of standing up right so if you are always static in one frame you don’t learn and know the value, so be brave fall 7 times get up 8! Don’t let such emotions drown you when your down stand up and feel the happiness again!

    Sorry if this annoyed you! Or I hope this post was just a writing!

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  2. Mistakes are a part of life. You cannot keep blaming yoyrself for the same mistake over n over. So i suggest yu stop complaining about it, forgive yourself and get your shit bak together. Life is too precious to be wasted on something.

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