Sad Story :(

Today i got a chance to meet my uncle who lives in gujrat.He came here after a long time.Since it was holi,so he came to visit here to grete his parents that is my grandparents .He started talking about his childhood,that my grandparents were so caring.and their  only wish was to fulfill his wish.I think as a child every kid experience this.
My uncle was telling us about a lot of thing,but suddenly tears trickled down his cheeks,his eyes were blood red.He started crying bitterly,and he was crying like a lost man.He was hugging his parents and cried a lot,there is a story behind his tears that i know…
Before 10 years he was a successful man in his own way.he was a good business man,he was able to achieve everything he want.At that time he was a good man of our reputed family.He was leading like boss and he was the boss of a good team but i don’t know why and how he get trapped in a bad habit and that was of addiction of alcohol…

Now his priorities were changed,his friends were changed,he was still a good man by heart but this habit spoiled him a lot.He started wasting his money and time on his fake friends who always tends him to dark side of life.Now he doesn’t even taking interest in going outside or for his office and his good luck changed to bad luck.
Previously he was a kind man who doesn’t think  an extra second before helping someone but now he was not able to help himself…
Before,money was just a piece of paper for him and now he lacks of it.
He sold his company in a little profit just because he needs money for drinking beer/whiskey whatever it is.
He was a ruined man now,he was a man who quarrels with his wife,mother,and other family members, after drinking.
He was not a star of our family now but a black sheep.
Now he works in a very small company and his payment is not so enough to send his children in a good school.His children are paying the bills of his karma.
This man was crying now like a loser because he know now that what he had done to his life,it can’t be changed. The life he had lost doing shit can’t be back.He is trying a lot to gain health and wealth but he is broken from inside he thinks that none understands him.
One bad habit changes his life this much that he can’t even regain it.
I was feeling very bad for him because i respect him and i know that he is still a good soul but he doesn’t know that we have also lost a lot of thing just because of him and among all it was our respect that we lost in society because of him.
Now we live at a different place,and sometimes he come to visit us on festivals and everytime i see him i feel sad 😦

16 thoughts on “Sad Story :(

  1. This habit of drinking has brought devastation to many families and compromised the future of the young childrens in the family. Not only in urban areas but also in villages this is a huge problems. The workers working on the daily basis wages spent all their money on drinking and this leads to starvation for the other family members.
    The government thinks of banning alcohol but cannot do so because it receives a huge share of tax from this alcholic products.
    As one of my friend says and i quote it, “You don’t drink alcohol, the alcohol drinks you: slowly and steadily it makes you slave.’
    Atleast, the young generation must be cautious in this respect and never should engage in such bad habbits.
    I sincierely Thank you for bringing this up, your post can actually make a impact on a addict and make him rethink on his habbit.
    Keep posting and Thanks once again.

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  2. I am Gujarat. In Gujarat so many people lost every for drink. Slowly slowly they sell all over his property and get down. Drink is ban in gujarat therefore people did not know it use.

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      1. Heeeee ……this is not possible.
        Best thing is how we aware it. We cannot involved every man or country. We control only own or relative not other.

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