Taste of life 

This is the story of one of my friend. I want a solution for him. So I shared it here… 

He was in love with her. He used to say, it was his first and last love for all his life. He was the one who never fall for any girl. He thought that she was also like him completely into love. He thought that they are soul mates,and will live their lives together forever.

But…she left him without any reason. His love was just a game for her. He was like nobody for her. 

He was completely shocked with her behavior because this phase was something that he never imagined. All his dreams was vanished in one go. He was completely out of his mind. He was thinking that is it a dream??? Or that happy time was a dream when they were together and building castles of imagination. They used to plan their future together. Is all this time was vain??? 

He began to curse himself. He used to look at the sky and ask to God,”why you do this to me??? Is I was that bad?

He is in depression now. I want to ask, is being in love is that bad? Why someone fall in love when it hurts so badly? Is loving someone returns this way? 

What I think about love is… When you love someone it is not necessary that they should love us back,  but as it is human nature we expect a lot from them. And when our expectations goes wrong we begin to blaim ourselves which is totally wrong. We love someone and they leave us then why should we spoil our own lives for the sake of love. I know it hurts…i know it is easy to advice and hard to do but…my friend our life is much and much precious than any other thing. There are a lot of amazing things that we can do with our beautiful life. Go out,make new friends and boost up your life. I’ve read somewhere that life is like an ice cream if you taste it It melts but if you waste it It would also melts.

So taste your life and enjoy  yourself 🙂

I hope you understands it…god bless you.

53 thoughts on “Taste of life 

      1. Ironically now a days I am also counselling someone who used to be my best friend’s boyfriend, and I never talked to him in detail earlier. But now he thinks I am the only remaining key to her and talks to me daily. What to do, she doesn’t want to listen about him and he doesn’t want to understand . How to make him understand that it’s over.😭😭😤😩😨

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      2. Ask her if she wants to move again in her relationship or not . If she needs time she can. But if she doesn’t want to then tell him clearly and be with him and help him. Love is something if it is for you then it’ll come around and if it’s not then you can’t force someone to be with you 🙂
        I hope it’ll help.

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      3. The problem started few days back when she moved out of town to join aviation sector. And maintaining long distance relationships are not that easy. I think both of them failed each other. She is very much sure that it’s over now. I have to somehow pull that boy out of this tyranny.

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  1. Yeah, love hurts..
    It’s really important to know the true meaning of love. Trust is the most important factor and then comes care and dedication towards the relation. It’s not at all a child’s play.
    Tell him if you can, that he is lucky that he got rid of her sooner…if this was how she loved him then, its better that she left him.

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  2. I agree with you. I liked the quote in the ending..Life is like a ice cream. Sometimes people leave for silly reasons. We find it silly but they think they have a solid reason.It hurts when people leave us without even telling the reason, without a proper good bye. But it all helps in a better way. To move on a lot sooner.👍

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      1. Look I trying a lot…but this is something which is tougher than digging Himalayas… I am not sure but yes I M trying a lot I will not deny..but a fraction of passed memory and then I am. There again

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      2. Even my buddy Prabhjot don’t have any idea he still asks me how is she? He thinks she is still there with me….I answer him she is fine….I have the habit of hiding my problems and sadness with me only and sharing the happiness with all. This is d reason. I joined WordPress at least. I can Talk and put my own pain over here I feel relaxed when I write something at 3am about thinking her…. I used to.carry fake smile…it is annoying but this what my traits are..and don’t show my worries to others at least in the world where I have to face people quite often…I left my Facebook from a long time…I hate public gatherings also…as its very tough to be fake..

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      3. Thanks…. Passionate learner has something that I don’t know…u always open my heart during conversations… Look. How many things came out today from my side..!..

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      1. I can sense that…. Thank u so much dear I don’t have the guts to write about that in a precise manner as a blog.. I m happy that u did by just having very few conversations and mind readings

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  3. Exactly. Rightly said. You should be there for him. Make him realise that his special someone is out there. That would love him and cherish him. He should work on himself. Focus on his life and take his time before he chooses who to fall in love with.

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