First anniversary

Hii everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. Today I got this notification 👇

I was overwhelmed and excited at the same time. I mean really it happens. I completed my one year with wordpress. 

This journey was really interesting. Writing on wordpress I find some good friends who always encouraged me to write more like Rekha sahayGouri (Gaurav Anand)Jeni G.JDivyanchisrijan   and many more. May be I missed some names but there are a lot of inspiring bloggers, I read daily. There are also some bloggers like The Shining Gem whose honest comments had helped me a lot.  Using wordpress I got to know about some amazing fashion bloggers like FashopolitanCourtney Livingston they are all amazing and yes there are one kind soul whose name is Shalini , I admire her the most and she is really a very kind person among all I know on wordpress. Last but not the least my first follower SumitOfficial he’s my favorite he is an amazing blogger as well as a enthusiastic person. I know these days he’s quite busy but I hope soon I will be able to read something from him. 

Thank you everyone for this beautiful journey. I hope we’ll find more interesting bloggers in future. Thank you 🙂

P.S – Sorry for posting your names without any permission 💙

35 thoughts on “First anniversary

  1. One year is a long time and not everyone can persevere. I am glad you held on. I wish you blog for many more years.
    Thanks for the shout out, I always tend to be brutally honest with my comments, and that’s just because I want my fellow bloggers to improve. Glad to have helped. 🙂
    Anyway no need for sorry, I am glad you put my name there, perhaps some new people might come to my blog through this. 😉

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  2. Riya thank you so much.. for mentioning my name in those special bloggers. I still remember that you were among those few bloggers with whom i had nice conversations, when i started writing on WP. I am glad that we are still connected.. hope to be in touch and encouraging each other.

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