Experiencing new things is always like a new journey to my soul. Whenever I do something different it feels like I’m on a journey which is going to lead me in my life. It feels like it is going to make me a better person than the previous one. It’s like feeding my soul with adventure. Whenever I do something new that I never had done before then it feels like getting into the new world because I don’t know what is coming next on my way but still it feels right.

Recently I joined a job and day by day I’m learning new things. I’m meeting new people, learning from their experiences. Some are like mentors to me and some are like friends to me. Some people care for me and some doesn’t talk to me. I’m a shy person and it takes time to get me out of my shell. May be they are waiting for me to initiate. Whatever is going on these days in my life is totally new and I’m enjoying it. I’m experiencing the life in a better way and it’s good for me and one should know the pro tip–  Maturity comes with experience not with age. 

May be one day I’ll be master in my work.Let’s hope for the best and wish me luck 😇

Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards. –Unknown

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