Sometimes she has a bag full of words,which she wants to say to him but she can’t. Sometimes she wants to express her deep heart feelings to him but she don’t. Sometimes she just want him to be with her,talk with her, understands her,but he is nowhere. Sometimes it hurts her a lot when she calls him and get no answer…she hates that lady operator which often says that,” The costomour you’re trying to reach is not answering”. she assumes that he must be busy. But she remember those days also when being busy he used to care her,he used to show his love towards her,but now she have learnt that how she should be without him. Time is a great  medicine. She hopes it would help her in curing her pain.She wishes him to  just live his life enjoying, she will handle herself. She knows that if he can’t understand her tears,then he has no rights on her happiness…Now a days, at night she switches off the lights,just to hug her pillow tight and to cry bitterly. She knows now,none is here to call her or to care for her priceless tears…

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