Versatile blogger award

Hey everyone… 

Yesterday I got nominated for the versatile blogger award. I got this kind of nomination for the second time. Last time when I was nominated, there was so many questions to be answered so I avoided. I am too lazy to type so long. So here I’m again with this versatile blogger award. I want to thank कृष्णवत्सल for nominating me.  कृष्णवत्सल is a really great blogger. Firstly I used to call him Krishna but soon I come to know that his name is Ganesh. Sorry for the misunderstanding Krishna. Whatever it is, what matter is both are name of God. Thanks again 🙂

So rules are very simple for the nominated ones. Follow these steps and nominate your favorite and spread happiness…

Steps are as follows:-

  1. Thank the blogger who have nominated you and share his or her link.
  2. Nominate 10 or less than 10 other blogger friends for this award with their link.
  3. They must inform about it.
  4. The last step is to represent 7 facts about you that are usually unknown to your wordpress family.

    So here are some facts that I think none knows here on wordpress about me –

    1. Riya is my nick name and my college name is vaishali. Riya is quite short so I love my short name and I choose this name for wordpress.            
    2. I had partcipated in national pistol shooting championship for 3 times.
    3. I’m a state level badminton player also.
    4. I love singing a lot and if I had a chance i would love to learn music.
    5. I have completed my post graduation this year with my  favorite subject i.e Maths.
    6. I’m still an unemployed person and preparing to get my dream job.
    7. I’m very talkative person but none get bored of me as I am always full of intresting conversation.

    That’s it people. Thank you for scrolling down. It was amazing typing so good things about myself. I mean I’m not that bad huh! So now the tough task is to nominate the people. My nominations are as follows 👇

    1. Rekha Sahay
    2. Gouri(Gourav Anand)
    3. Phil Soukoulis
    4. The shining gem
    5. Shalini
    6. Srijan
    7. A learning poet
    8. Radhika
    9. Swati
    10. Tech Flax

    Congratulations everyone. Have a great day ahead.😇

        42 thoughts on “Versatile blogger award

        1. Riya seriously you did it right that you shared about yourself otherwise I would never have known you better. Badminton and shooting was itself a great achievement and then you did your PG with maths!! Your Highness mam kahan hai apke charan!!!😊😊 .. Math and physics along with history always used to fascinate me but sadly I couldn’t continue them after 12th. And thank you so much Riya again for my nomination.

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          1. Hey Gourav thank you so much for such a beautiful comment. It makes my day and I’d love to know about you. And I don’t consider myself as a great achiever but I want to live my life fullest so I do everything that I like and I’m that kind of girl who is always ready to take challenges. Previously maths were my week subject hence I choose maths as my main subject to accomplish this challenge. Oh fir se taarifein ho gyi meri😂😂😂

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