My story

This post is about one of those experiences I had in my childhood.

 When I was 9 year old I was very shy in front of unknowns or strangers like almost every kid.  At that time I was so scared to strangers that whenever I feel like facing any stranger I got numb. I started stammering before unknown people and also I started loosing my confidence and started stammering before my friends too.I was like this👇

 One day, one of my teacher noticed me stammering and she came to me and asked about this and I told her everything. She said to me to participate in an upcoming debate. At that time I thought that I can’t even talk to my friends properly how would I do this. Then she said to me that sentence which is still a motivation for me. She said, ” don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try. The fear is in your mind only. It’s not real”.

After that day, I nominated myself to the debate competition and started my preparation. I spend hours and hours in front of mirror practicing. 

And the big day came, I was scared deep in my mind but I was trying to overcome my fear. I kept on repeating myself that I can do it. As the time passes my heart started loosing it’s beats. And then the teacher announced my name, I started shivering and with the shaking legs I went on stage and started my speech. Everything was going good but…  all of sudden I forgot my lines. My throat got dried I was trying to recover the lines but couldn’t. I closed my eyes and started repeating my previous lines and again reminded my teacher’s words that don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid to not to try. I don’t know what happens to me I gathered all my courage and started speaking according to my knowledge about the topic. And when I finished and said thank you…everyone was standing in the audience and they clap for me. I was very happy at that moment. I was like this 👇

Since I didn’t won that debate but I gained my confidence back and that too because of my teacher 🙏

This was little story of my transformation.

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26 thoughts on “My story

  1. Great instance of the childhood shared !! Remembered mine when had to speak for elocution for first time and was motivated by my teacher who helped me to remove the stage fear by saying no one is going to eat you!! Atleast you have the guts to face the crowd!! That gave me a lot courage!! And was happy my first attempt gave me 2 position

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  2. Public speaking / Stage Fright is a kill zone for me. I almost die of a heart attack.
    And I never participated in the debate and I still didn’t overcome my fear. On top of it, I remained introverted.

    But I am glad to know that you overcame your inhibition and did pretty great there.

    All the best and keep speaking to strangers (like say me :P).

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  3. Oh my God such an overwhelming experience it would have been..!! I had a friend with the similar stamerring problem, but we together made it through..!! She is still one of my best friends..!! I related with this so made me nostalgic..!!

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