What is inspiration??? There are a lot of videos,blogs,quotes…i have gone through on the internet. I found them useful too. It always happens with me that whenever I feel low I use internet to read something inspiring. I have watched a lot of videos regarding this and I get inspired too…but it doesn’t last long. I get sparked for a few hours or maximum for two or three days, and after that it vanishes. I know it happens with a lot of people that we watch some motivational speech or read motivational books then we get inspired and we try to do all the good things all of a sudden.

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Whereas I think about it I can conclude  that none can change you if you don’t want to. Like if someone like traveling, they would find out a way to go on trips. And if someone loves to stay at home they would find an excuse. Our minds plays game with us,when we love something to do we just do it. We can spend a whole day doing our favourite job and for that we don’t need any inspiration. We seek for inspiration just only when we dosn’t like our work. So stop searching for motivation. It is within you. If you have a dream so big that moves you then you don’t need inspiration,you just start doing that without thinking an extra second. 

Inspiration is like a flame and our dreams are like fuel to it. If you have a dream then the flame of inspiration will lit up itself and then you’d never search for outer inspiration. We should find out the different ways that southe us perfectly. We should not follow others because everyone’s life is different,there problems are different too. Then how can we solutions from others? It’s too simple just live your life in your own way and be yourself 🙂

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