5 ways to stay motivated

Hiii everyone…

This post is about some steps that I follow in my daily life. I hope it’ll help you too.

  1. Do exercise/yoga – Everyone knows that ” Early to bed,early to rise. Makes a man healthy wealthy and wise“.It really mean. Wake up early in morning and go for some fresh air. Go for a walk or jogging. Do yoga you’ll feel the change in you. Yoga keeps your body fit and your mind relaxed.
  2. Plan your work but don’t get stick to it- Sometimes we make timetables for our daily work but when we fail to follow it, we became  frustrated. We should not think this way that we have ruined our whole day. And if you do it then it doesn’t matter that much. It’s life everyone do mistakes and they learn from it. So stay calm and believe that you can make everything perfect.
  3. Love what you do- We all love playing games, watching GOT, surfing net and sleeping and we really need any motivation to do that infact we crave for all this. When it comes to studying or working we became sloth. So the term is we easily tend to do the things of our comfort zone. So get out of comfort zone and try to like your work and if you can’t love your work then it is better to quit that job because something that you do half heartedly doesn’t leads you anywhere in life.

4.Stop cursing yourself-  Yesterday I planned to wake up at 4am but I woke up at 6am and after that I started cursing myself, blaming myself. What happened next??? My early morning bad mood makes my whole long day boring and dull. So today I was up at 6am then went for jogging without thinking an extra sentence about why I am so late. What happened next??? I came home feeling fresh and I’m spending my day doing well.You can see the difference here. Cursing yourself often demoralizes the brain and it reduces happiness in our daily life.

5.Reward yourself- When I was a kid, my mother used to reward me for my every little achievement. I used to watch an extra hour of tv after completing my homework or I used to play a little longer after getting good marks in exams. And now I fix my target first and after killing the target I reward myself with my favorite food. Sometimes chocolates are also a crazy reward. So choose your favorite reward and give it to you after getting your target. It’s good and you’ll never get bored to your work.

      Stay happy!Stay relaxed!Stay motivated!👍

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      40 thoughts on “5 ways to stay motivated

      1. “Tomorrow I planned to wake up at 4am but I woke up at 6am and after that I started cursing myself, blaming myself.”

        How have you already woken up tomorrow?

        Anyway nice post, the points were quite relatable. Just a friendly advice, try working on your grammar, your content is pretty good but some people might get deterred due to the grammar and presentation.

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