Just write

When you find that nothing is going good in your life then sit back, take deep breath and relax. 

Take your diary, pen and start writing. Shout with your pen, scream with your words. Pour all the feelings on the paper. Write whatever you want to be, write whatever you don’t have. Write about the accidents you hate. Write about the moments you love the most. Write about the person who irritates you, write about the person who makes you smile. Write about the thing which is going wrong in your life and write about the way which will lead you to good things in life. Don’t think about the spelling mistakes, don’t think about grammatical mistake. Just express your feelings as you want to say. As you think in your mind write that way. Whatever is coming into your brain just write that. Feel like you are a speaker and the whole world is waiting for your words. No need to hide your pain. There is no space for any kind of shame. Just throw your feelings with the pen…

And after doing all that you’ll feel that your brain is relaxed and spacious now. So don’t hesitate to write something. Take your pen, diary and just write…✍

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