We are welcoming new year.We can see that there are flood of blessings,greetings and ton of wishes on social sites.Lot of people are wishing new year in advance also(from last month). But do they really wants or feel that our new year may happy???or do they really feel like wishing us a prosperous life ahead??? May be some of them wish from their heart but a lot of people are just forwarding the massages,and they are done.
At the end of every year,i miss those days when we used to send greeting cards.We used to choose the best cards for our best friends and a little less attractive to those who were just like classmates.From weeks before the new year eve,the gift shops were full of beautiful greeting cards,and passing by my way to school i used to look at that shops,deciding that which one i have to buy.Two day before the new year eve, me and my grandpa used to go for shopping. After that i used to buy my selected ones.Coming back to home i try to decorate the cards by sketch pens and glitters. That time the happiness was to write the best quotes for my bestie and to design the envelopes. I was always confused about to and from , that what should i write first. After that on 1st January my friends used to come to my home and we exchange our envelopes full of excitement. I think that time was good enough than now. I seriously don’t like advance wishes and all these kind of stuff. For me exchanging greeting cards,meeting my friends and eating my favorite dishes cooked by my mother was my idea of fun. At that time people used to wait for the cards which was coming by post. That time they used to feel the specialty of the feelings for a particular person. Choosing cards,writing quotes and well wishes was not old fashioned.That was the wishes by heart to heart,not formality.

well, that was the old memories. Time changes and the way of expressing  also changes,but the feelings remain unchanged.

wish you all a very happy new year and a prosperous life ahead 🙂

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