Passing through the photos from gallery,she keep smiling with her teary eyes.The memories,the time she had spent with him flashed one by one.Those were the craziest, happiest moments for her whole life. Becaue she knew that the his place in her heart can’t be replaced by anyone. He was the most understanding person,who can speak her heart out loud without hearing a single word from her.After so many fights between them she had decided now to keep herself away from their cute relationship, because she was thinking,”if he can’t call me on time and if he has not enough time to talk with me,then why he says that he loves me??? She went on flipping through the gallery…

Wait!!! what the hail is this??? As soon as she proceed the pictures,she started missing him more. She had promised herself to not to call him,but his memories pushed her hard to call him. She leave the phone and get up from the bed. Her inner voice says to call him but she denied. She picks up her phone again thinking that,”i am not going to call her. She search for him in the contact list and deleted his number.It was all waste to delete his number because she knows his number by heart. She keeps rolling her phone. Suddenly, phone rang. It was he,who called her. Oscillating between the thought recieve the call and let it  go ,she recieve the call…

“Hello!!!” he says. Hearing his voice her innersole overwhelmed. She didn’t speak. He says her name,now it was difficult to resist her feelings. “why you were not calling me? you know that i was busy these days,but you were in my heart.I was waiting for your call.I know that you are disappointed with me,but whatever i am doing is just for us. So that in future you can live your life as you want. will you please forgive me???”Tears trickled down on her cheeks and every complain washed away with it… 


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