Short Note #2

There was one of my friend let us call her ‘X’. She used to be very happy in her life. She was attractive, intelligent and master in her work. Everything was going in her life very smooth. 

Then there came a boy in her life. He was very loving and caring towards her. He used to fulfill all her wishes. He was like a dream boy for her. Everything was fine when it all started, but slowly ‘X’ started changing for him.

 She started choosing her clothes by his choice. She started preparing food only according to his choice. She started liking all his likes and disliking all his dislikes. She was completely into him. Her world started revolving around him only. Now it became  her habit to call him every morning and night. There was not a single day that passed without talking him. She became dependent on him emotionally. She used to be happy only if he treats her well. By chance if he ignores her call she used to get mad at him. She was totally obsessed with this boy. She started fighting with him on little things and after so many fights he broke up with her.

It was like the end of world for her. She started crying all day. She was nothing but sad all day. 

I advised her to look for other things in her life. I told her the things that she used to say to others in their problem.

I don’t know why people love anyone this much. It was her mistake that she changes herself for him which she shouldn’t. 

I want to say that no one should depend on anyone for their happiness. Be the reason for your own happiness because no one can make you happy if you don’t want to be. It’s as simple as I say.

It’s been 2 months of her breakup. She is changing her attitude now. I hope she could recover her life again like she used to be before…

39 thoughts on “Short Note #2

  1. अपना ही वजूद खो,
    किस मोहब्बत को है तू तलाशता,
    अश्कों को जरा समेट लो,
    क्यूँ अपनी ही पहचान को तू है झुठलाता।

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  2. Sigh. What I always tell people come up to me and tell me this kind of problem is.. Real love has freedom. It does not limit you, it does not restrict you, it doesn’t try to change you.

    I’m sure she’s learned her lesson to not depend her happiness on others next time.

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