A train accident

Once again many families are devastated, once again some children had lost there father and mother…

Once again earning members of some families have lost their life.                             

Once again a train accident happens and took the life away from the innocent people who don’t even know, what was their fault???

I think we don’t need a bullet train in our country until we make sure our train journey safer. The people who lose their life were unaware of the fact that where their future destination is going to lead them. Our government would announce some amount of money to the dead ones and to the injured ones. Is this money able to recover all the odds of their family,till the end of their life??? I think the answer is a big NO.

I don’t know why these accidents happen or why we can’t have a safe journey but I know that something and somewhere the things are not good and it costs many lives. Some steps should be taken regarding these accidents… RIP

Image source : google images

15 thoughts on “A train accident

    1. What I’m trying to state here is, we should make our train journey more secure because at this time it is not possible to locate bullet train everywhere in India. Only big cities get benefited and what about others,who died in these accidents just because of some silly mistakes of authorities???

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      1. I agree that the bullet trains cannot be set in India everywhere. But we have to start now so that we could build it till 2030 or 2050. Because till then population will be over crowded and trains will not be sufficient to carry them.

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