He wanted to see her in bridal dress that day. He asked her to meet and they decided that they would meet at midnight.

She carefully came out of her house…. Wearing red sari of her mother and jewellery. She was looking like a princess. She went to their decided place. 

He was already there waiting for his love. As she came, he hugged her. They both melted in each other’s arm. They were looking at each other deeply because they knew that this is the last time they were doing so. This time would not be same again.

They laugh at their silly memories. They cried hard at their poor destiny, because according to so called society if cast and religion is not matching then their soul couldn’t be matched. 

They decided to save the so called respect of their families. They decided to die with each other that day because living with each other was not an option.

They hugged for the last time. They cried for the last time. They grabbed each other’s hand for the last time. 

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They hanged themselves, leaving the society with it’s narrow mindedness. 

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