wow…not always but i can say that sunday mornings are the best in every way. no college,no hurry to go anywhere,no office work for employees it is like a gift which come to us evry week. It feels good when i can open my eyes slowly and knowing that i can celebrate lazy day today….

I dont know how some fitness freeks goes to run evry morning. For me it is not just a morning, for me it is the time i can spent with nature,i can make my day productive ahead…and in sundays i can talk a little more with my love. It make me feel special to have a morning call with whom i love. The chirping of the birds,the cold fresh breeze passing by me,the happening sunrise and the very calm nature…it all gives me assurance that God is with me.It gives me energy for the week. I can do a lot more. It is really very awesome. I always say to my lazy frnds that they should wake up early and enjoy this morning time happiness…i am sure u guys will feel happy a little extra….

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