Today i watched this movie named Akaashvani .It was released in year 2013 but i got a chance to watch it today.After watching this movie i was thinking why this movie was not a hit??i guess the reason behind this was-  

  • no famous star cast.
  • no unwanted songs our item number 
  • unnecessary action scenes were also not  in this movie.

    But what i like in this movie-

    • Reality of our society 
    • Mentality of an educated groom 
    • Reality of Indian parrnts which is shown as it is.

    So,the story starts from a college ragging scene,where Akaash and vani (actor and actress) meet and as story moves forward they fall in love deeply,and time passes happily and when their college holiday starts  and they separate, Vani decided to inform their parents about her relationship in her sister’s marriage which was going to held in the vacations and Aakash was also coming to Vani’s sister marriage.

    But destiny has its own plans. Vani’s sister run away with someone else leaving her family in troubles.As you all know that ,what people say about the family whose daughter run away or having an affair.Vani’s father gets depressed and vani too ,so vani decided not to tell about her relationship to her parents and she breakup with Aakash. Her parents choose a groom for her and she got married to her parent’s choice just because she doesn’t want to see them sad…

    After that her life changes,and now she was not a happy independent girl, she became slave of her  husband (both physically and mentally) . 

    She accepted all this as her destiny and now she was living a life of her husband’s choice.

    One day her uncle and aunt came to her house and they bring her back to their hometown to attend the college reunion.There she met Aakash again and now it was not that happy relationship,it was very painful for both of them. They met they cried. When Aakash come to know that under which circumstances Vani is living her life,he decided to change it.

    In every way he tried hard to make her happy so that she could believe that the life she is living is not her destiny.It is on her that if she want to change it,she can.

    After the reunion party they separated again but this time Aakash doesn’t leave Vani. He went to her house  as a friend. That day her husband also came to meet her to her house and he started ruling over her again but this time she knows that what she wants from her life and she divorced him…and get married with Aakash.Since her father doesn’t supported her decision but she was happy now.

    And that’s how the story ends happily.

    The reason why i liked this movie is – 

    • There is no high voltage drama in this movie.
    • The story tells us the exact condition of maximum girls living in our society,who wants to marry to her choice. It is more difficult when the boys is from other cast.
    • This movie tells us that sometimes parents also may be wrong but we should use our sense to identify that what is right for our life.
    • This movie also shows that,we shouldn’t think more about what others think about us,it’s our life and we should live it in our own way 🙂

    24 thoughts on “Akaashvani

    1. Fantastic movie……one of the emotional movie which presented society very well …i loved this movie😍 especially wo shayari …..”dil tod tujhe jane ki izazat aaj bhi hai 😜”

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        1. Hahaha yes true…..now agreed 😉😉😉
          Many movies are der which is amazing but underrated 😐 coz public dont want to watch low budget movies 😒😔☹️

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