He blind folds her and takes her to his place. The whole room and the floor was decorated by her favorite flower. The softness of flowers embraces her feet. She walked slowly being in his arms feeling the whole world with her. She knows that this is going to be something special. He unfolds her and got down on his knees and said, ” Dear love, I know that I am the only problem in your life but you should know that you are the only solution of my life. I know that sometimes I don’t understand you but you should know that you’re the only one who understands me inside out. I just wanted to say that being with you makes me complete and I know I’m being selfish but please will you be my sweet reason to come home early??? 

She was surprised and shocked. She gets him up and hugged him tightly. His shirt soaked few drops of tears and she gave the answer he wanted…

This is how one more love story started …

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