Dear love

Everytime ,on the way of my college,i wacth you.By the core of eyes i watch you…
Whenever i go for marketing i saw it a coincidence??? or some relation made in heaven created by almight God…just like any other girl i saw you and avoid you….like this..

look at that boys how he’s managing to avoid it..

why why you are so amazing that i loss control on myself.But i know that you fall for every girl you see,you watch every girl beside you. You like it no that every girls are mad about you….
This time I’m craving for you…because it’s raining and i love to be with you more in this season.
Oh my delicious,crispy and so hot dear i am totly into you and here it is TADANTADAAAAN,,,,,

       love  you pani puri…. 🙂

52 thoughts on “Dear love

      1. haha i thought you were writing this post for ur crush ❤
        Godamn panipuri 🙂 ur love
        but it was really an amazing read 🙂

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      1. Nahi wo bhi badi baate hi krti he…aur jb thela dekhti he to unke munh me bhi paani aa jata he….aur boyz sochte rahte hai kaash paanipuri ka thela hi khol dete itni girls roj milne to aati😂😂

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