Tale of two friends

Once there were two friends Jack and Sam. They were best friends from their childhood. They completed their graduation together with the same university and they got their dream job in the same city. They both were hard working. They were doing well in their life. Time passed day by day and they were on the fast track of life. They were busy in their life doing office work, attending meetings and focusing on deadlines. They stopped meeting occasionally due to their machine like lifestyle. They were totally involved in their work. 

One day, Sam thought to meet his all time best friend Jack. So he went to his house. He saw Jack was lying on the bed retarded. His face was dull and he was looking very weak. Sam was surprised, he asked,”Hey Jack! What happened to you? Why are you looking so weak?”
Jack smiled a little and said in a low voice,” I don’t know why these days I’m not feeling good and I don’t want to live anymore. These days life means nothing to me.”

Hearing these words Sam was stunned. He thought how his best friend who used to be so happy and optimistic in his life can say these hopeless sentence.

Sam said,” I’m going to call the doctor or you have to come with me to the hospital. If you want me to be your friend forever then get up and come with me.”

For the sake of his friendship Jack agreed to go. They went to hospital and after some checkups doctor said that Jack is suffering from some hazardous disease and he’s on the last stage of the disease and he doesn’t have enough time in this world. After hearing this, Sam started sobbing. He hugged Jack tightly.

They both come back to home. Jack was sitting on the couch thinking about his past days. He was thinking about every single person attached to him. He was recalling his childhood days. How happy he was with his parents, his friends. After thinking a lot about his past he decided to not to be sad anymore. He got up and said to Sam,” I don’t want to leave my parents and friends sad behind me. I want to leave a smile on their faces.”

He packed his bag and he started his journey with his best friend to his hometown. He met his friends and enjoyed  quality time with his family after a long time. He went with Sam to all those places where they used to go in their childhood. They laughed their hearts out on their stupid and silly memories. They were living their life to the fullest without any worries. 

After a week, Sam received a call from the hospital. Talking with doctor tears trickled down his cheeks. After disconnecting the call he ran towards his best friend. Jack was enjoying the view out of the window. Sam hugged him and said,” You are not going anywhere Jack. The doctor told me that by mistake the reports were exchanged and you are totally fine. Your reports are clear.”

They both were crying and laughing both at the same time. They were happy souls on earth at that time. 

It is truly said that whatever happens, happens for good. Both Sam and Jack got their lessons for life.

The memories, the time we spend with our family are the precious gifts of almighty. We should never forget to enjoy the purest form of life….😇

58 thoughts on “Tale of two friends

      1. I just posted the third episode of my recent story “बाबा”. I think you may have missed that. In start I also wrote small ones then automatically my stories started to get lengthy. I hope you will be going through same in few days. I think that’s the way some day one starts to think of writing novels😊

        Liked by 1 person

      1. And so you managed. For my point of view, at least. Shivers all over my body while reading it! Very good job!

        I was thinking about going with longer stories myself, but the robot-like life is all over the place. But I’m sure we’ll manage 🙂

        Just keep up with the good work! Loved it! 💖

        Liked by 1 person

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