Dear love

I know it was my fault that I trusted you easily. I trusted the stupid signs that made me thought that you are my soulmate. It was my fault that I believe you,neglecting everyone. I thought my efforts will change you but I was wrong I can change only your habits not your nature. I don’t know why and how I fall for you but it’s hurting now. I’m feeling helpless, because for me you were the world. What would I do in this emptiness. The dark night is  looking at me in a weird manner as if it is laughing at my situation. This darkness is going to kill me and eat me up. You must be celebrating your victory that you move on because you were always like this. You never noticed me when I was trying to gain your attention. You stopped appreciating me and I was stupid because I thought you are busy and you must be missing me. I know it’s all my fault because I fall for you too easily..

49 thoughts on “Dear love

  1. To fall for someone can’t be wrong, according to me, coz love and feelings see no time and boundaries. It just grow for that person. It’s just sometimes that person takes it for granted. What i feel is “Love is not wrong”, not event the feelings in heart.✌️🏻❤

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      1. No one is wrong, its just their ingrown thoughts and less senses to feel what’s pure and need of everyone. “Love”. Love left no scar, it leaves the lessons, and gives you more understandings to feel the love and it’s essence. It’s all on us, whether we go for scars or do something with that, something in a good way.❤

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