Dear woman

Today I was searching for some papers and I found my lost diary. I started turning pages of my lovely diary and I stopped at one page where there was a poetry on it. I don’t know who has written this poem. I think the source of this poem was some newspaper or magzine I don’t remember but I found it worth sharing. So here it is….
The world smiles with her,but she weeps alone,

Happiness twinkles in her eyes,but her tears are never known ,

Her bosom hath love for everyone,but her heart is full of grief.

Her hands filled with blessing for others, but why she never had relief?

The breeze is scented with her fragrance,

Though her life is full of sighs and grooms. Who is she?What is her significance?

A mother, a wife,a sister or a daughter?

She is a woman…….

Thank you 🙂

P.S-  Please dont think much about writing as you can see I wrote it in 2005 and that time I was in class 5th 🙂

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