Its All About Love


Rohini was not talking with Viraj.There was some misunderstanding between them.It was Sunday,so it was off in hostel mess also.She and her friend,Diya t planning for dinner that where should they go.suddenly the phone rings.Viraj was calling on Diya’s phone.She picked up and he asked about their plans about dinner,he was inviting them to go out for dinner with him and one of his friend,Vivek.Diya asked her what should she say,Rohini denied. She told her to reply him that they’ll go and not to worry about them.But Diya told him that they are coming.she said-,”see you at 9pm”
Viraj told them to wait by the side of the park near the hostel
It was 8pm, and she was getting ready for dinner.Diya said,”let’s study untill dinner time.Rohini was upset because of her arguments with she denied and went out of hostel and start walking on the road.As she started walking,she started replaying all the memories related with Viraj,she started thinking that how caring he is and every girl of her class says that she is enough lucky to have Viraj.But she often get jealous whenever she found him talking with other girls,this was the reason why she always end up fighting with him.After some distance she hear some footsteps behind her.It was night,there were not a lot of students walking here and there at that time.She increased her pace. She felt that the footsteps behind her was still following.She crossed the road to get rid of those footsteps. Rohini turned around,there were three boys following her. As she crossed the road the boys also followed her,and they started talking. One of those boys said ,”excuse me, are you that girl of my class.Hey listen,am talking with you girl.” And they started laughing. Now she was scared and she fasten her speed but still she could hear their voices.She was so scared at that time that she was about to cry.By the time she reached at crossroad and she saw two boys coming from the other side but their faces were not clear. They were coming towards her,as they come closer the light of the lamp post shows their faces clear. It was he,the one and only love of her life.She ran towards him and hugged him tightly.She forgot that she was angry with him and she was not talking with him.That time he was her saviour.Surprisingly he said,”what happen to you?have you forgot that you are not talking with me and according to you i am a Flirty boy who flirts with every girl,and i am the most careless boy ever” she was sobbing and trying hard not to cry but she knows inside that he loves him more than his life.All misunderstandings washed away in her tears…

6 thoughts on “Its All About Love

    1. No,it is not because she was scared and so she hugged him it is because she knows inside that he loves her and she was thinking about to talk to him. And she knows that whenever she’ll be in problem he’ll help her,whatever the situation is 🙂

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