We was sitting in a park. After jogging we was a little tired,so we was sitting and relaxing. I was looking at him in a regular interval.The golden sunrays was touching his eyes,his cute innocent eyes.He sits back on the bench to avoid the sunlight bt it was still disturbing him.So he closed his eyes.As soon as he closed his eyes,i again started to looking at him continue.It is so good to look at your love without knowing him that you are staring at him .I don’t know why but whenever i saw him, i got influneced by his sweet, innocent, childish eyes.It was his simplicity which make me fall in love with him. His one look make me forget my all sorrows,all complains, all problems.I can see the love,the passion,the faith, he has in me. I know he is little shy and he often don’t expresses his feelings to me,but his eyes says a lot to me. His eyes are sometimes so innocent that i often forgot what he says,that time only i can do is just look and enjoy his expressions. I smile with him but whenever he got sad it seems like the whole world has nothing. After that my only mission is to make him smile again and his eyes can again talk to me like they do before.For me he is the reason why i started  trusting people.He is the one and only who let me know that what is the real meaing of love?After meeting him i come to know that the true love really exists…I know, for a lot of people true love is just a fairy tale or waste of time. But believe me for everyone there is a special one who will meet you on the right time and the right place. And after that you must start to undetstand what meant to be the love is…

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