5 ways to feel energy all day long

Hii everyone
Today I’m going to post simple steps that i follow and i think is the best way to stay energetic all day long. Must try :-

  1. You should wake  up between 4AM to 5AM. I think this time is good for leaving your bed.It saves your me time and  you feel mental peace.
  2. Give your body a hit of exercise.Do some yoga or have some miles of walk or whatever you like( except sleeping ) do it.You may dance on your favorite number because all these things will boost up your body and mind.
  3. Have a cold shower in summer. You may add few drops of lemons or rose petals in water.You may try drops of rose water also and bathing with this water will keep you energized.
  4. Have a healthy breakfast.Healthy breakfast doesn’t mean to eat more. You should eat all essential nutrition rich breakfast because you can’t take your work load with an empty stomach. So eat healthy stay healthy.
  5. Now go outside with positive attitude without any pre assumption like, is today my day is going to be good or bad???  Just be your self and rock the world.  Belive that you’re the best.

Almost everyone knows all this but i thought i should revise this for all of you again and these are the simple steps that keeps me energized all day long. If you have some more idea about this comment and let me know…

Thank you 🙂

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