Phases of love

She was sitting alone in her room. Roaming around thoughts. Her mind was full of confusion. At once she was thinking if he love her but at next moment all his misbehave flashes before her eyes. 

She was feeling helpless and irritated both at once. She remembers how he used to be so caring and loving in their previous years of this relationship but now he’s totally change. She was oscillating between the thoughts that if he really doesn’t have time to receive her call or he doesn’t want to talk??? If he really loves her or it was just for fun for him??? 

He always ignores her in public and it make her feel uncomfortable but she never complains.  He leaves her in a different city alone…to come back home. She never complains.  He allows other girls to come his room even when he’s alone. It hurts her a lot but she trust him. And what she get back in result is being ignored, feeling unwanted. She looses her confidence and she thinks herself as an idiot.

What was her mistake??? Just because she love him a lot it doesn’t mean he has right to destroy her soul. Whether he is not cheating on her but yes he’s not supporting her too 🙁

32 thoughts on “Phases of love

      1. Yeah..but answers can be found only if asked, only when one is willing to find. I hope she finds it for herself. One solution would be to tell him directly.

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  1. She needs to move on. This guy is selfish. He cares about just him and not her. He is taking advantage of the fact that she loves him unconditionally. She needs to get courage and leave him. Distance herself from him. Learn to love herself and be a confident woman. She needs to realise that she deserves respect. She needs to realise her worth.

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