“Dream” this word is amazing in itself.For some people dream is to have a lot of money,to have a big banglaw in a posh area, or to have a luxurious life…. For some people it relates to having name and fame.To have a dream it does not neccessary to have a big balance or anything else. Everyone has their personal right to have a big dream . According to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam sir,dream is not what we see in our  sleep bt dream is something that does not let you sleep. It so true because we may easily forget what we see in our sleep bt those dreams which we see with our eyes open cant be missed out of our brain. It is something that gives us spark to live our life happily ahead, it gives a reason to fight for something. someone had said that a man without dreams is like a ship without captain… 
I know that approx. evry person wants to succeed in their lives,bt hardly some of them has courage or you can say eagerness to fulfill those dreams. It is quite easy to say that i want to be this or that in my future, bt it needs a lot of patience,hard work, and continuous effort to get everything done. Sometimes we start our efforts wid a very good speed bt as soon as the time passes our spark starts to die. In order to make our dreams come true we should make sure that our spark and our initial energy never goes off….so guys KEEP DREAMING AND KEEP WORKING FOR YOUR DREAMS.

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