My diary #5

Today I’m going to share and discuss something serious with you all…

There is a lady I know, she is 46 years old and she has a daughter of my age and two sons one is in class 12th and one is in class 9th.

The problem is her husband!!! He abuse her both physically and mentally almost in every week. I told her to leave her husband but she is not ready to do that for the sake of our Indian sanskar and our so called sanskari society who can’t even stand for her…

I come to know about all this thing about her today. She lives in another town from mine. Her husband doesn’t respects her at all even he abuses her all the time. She is the victim of marital rape also and it happens with her every time whenever he’s frustrated…

She never goes out of her house without his permission even to meet her daughter who lives away from her.

She is not allowed to go to her mother’s home and also she is not allowed to spent a single penny on her.

She is not allowed to talk to anyone without his permission.

She is living like his slave… I was very furious when I come to know about this incident…I’m feeling very helpless but I want to help her.

If you have any idea…Please give your suggestions..

P.S -This post is not about likes and comment. This is really someone’s life and her daily routine…For once think about it….

17 thoughts on “My diary #5

  1. Now you can file a dairy nearest police station. against him. If, second harassment the lady. It’s Will be case. You informed human rights organization or, any kind of organization, they’re working on women’s safety.
    Your are the bravo of your society. You can..! carry on…

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  2. Before taking any actions from your side,you must convince the lady. You can’t do anything unless she is ready to support you for their rights. Her kids are educated and mature enough to understand this situation. Talk to them too. I know it’s a tough task but i think you should start with it first of all. And please let me know about further

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    1. Last 3 to 4 days I was trying to convince her. Previously she was ready but now she told me that she loves her husband and she is happy with whatever she has…. I mean I was so shocked at her reaction because I kNow may be her husband is treating her well for few days but again he’ll be a devil, I’m very sure about it.
      You know that’s why womens in India are in this situation because they don’t want any help they can bear all the pain and torture but they’ll never leave their cruel husband.


      1. I can understand how helpless you are feeling right now,Neha. This is what you could do. Tell her you’re there whenever needed. Also,being honest you can’t interfere much in someone’s else issue. I pray that the man treats them well from now. 🙂

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      2. Yeah that’s why I stopped myself from interrupting her. At first she asked me for help but now she rejected…
        Btw I’m Riya. Thanks for such a lovely suggestion. I hope God will bless her.

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      3. Oh i m so sry. Actually i was writing smthng related to neha and just mistaken it. No need of thanks. I am happy that you tried ur best,Riya 😀

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  3. there is a lot of injustice that happens on a daily basis in this country. Yes, they are times when we want to reach out and help – but we must realize, it is somebody else’s life and not all people appreciate help. Your thoughts are noble but it is best to stay out of it. A silent prayer is sometimes the best what we can do from our end.

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