These days save girls ( बेटी बचाओ) is less like slogan and more like threat…

Dear society…

You always said that, don’t wear short dresses, don’t go out after 6pm and before 5am. Just because doing so may provoke someone to rape. But still a girl child get raped brutely and whatever happened with her is out of the boundaries of humanity. It’s like please wear bulletproof jackets because it may possible someone shoots you.

You always said don’t choose this profesion or don’t choose that profession but still the so called safe profession ‘ a teacher’ is also not safe.

You said don’t make boys your friends but what should we do when going out with our brothers and cousins is embarrassing in the same way.

There are many questions to ask but I know there is no proper answer for that, because these rules are made with no sense. It is not the girl who provoke but it is the dirty mentality of those people who think that they can do anything and they are confident about our law and slow system which is crawling like sloth. They know very well that if they have power in India then none can harm them. I don’t know why it takes so much time to punish someone???

I know that according to our law, no innocent person should be punished even when thousands of culprits get bailed…But leaving a culprit free is also a crime towards the victim.

Now a days we read so many rape cases for which some people take steps and protest also, but after someday it is all settled with the soo slow system.

I feel very helpless when I realise that I can’t do anything for this. But I want to request that please do something for security in India not based on gender only, but for everyone. I think every citizen of this country wants justice not for only one girl but for all. It is hard to imagine the scenario in future… Please take care of it!!!

– A fellow girl from India

2 thoughts on “#justiceforasifa

  1. Yes you are cent% true & your way of expression is also fabulous. I have written a post on same matter. Please check & follow. Also give your valuable suggestion in my post. Keep writing.
    जिन्स पहनने से रेप हुआ
    अब हिजाब वालों को भी नहीं छोड़ा
    रात को बाहर जाने से रेप हुआ
    अब तो घर के अंदर वालों को भी नहीं छोड़ा


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