My diary #1

I was sitting depressed alone in my room. There was no light at all. I was feeling numb, distracted, and lost. Nothing had happened that day, just a little misunderstanding with my colleagues and I was at fault, nothing else. That was quite normal because usually I do mistakes. May be because in my family none never gave me responsibilities at early age and I became quite irregular in my work. That was also not the reason that I was feeling that way.

I started thinking about my life; from my childhood, I was always a bright kid; my teachers, my schoolmates and my principal always praised me for my good work.

I was so ambitious at that time, that I decided to have a house and a descent job at the age of 20…. I was stupid I know. As the time passed by I started engaging my time in other things also; like music, writing, sports, debates etc. And I was lucky enough to achieve places in those competitions. Now the things started changing and the time of confusion started. Now there were a lot of choices for me, and I was confused that which way should I go???

What should be my carrier??? What I want from my life? Things were more complicated then. I started focussing on my every interests and I completely forgot about the goals that I have before in my childhood.

Present day,

I’m turning 21 this year and yes I have a job but not the one I wanted to have. I have a house ( which is not mine). I mean really??? I feel like I’m unsuccessful now.

After overthinking about all these things, my mind came up with a question; and the question was…

What is the reason that the most of the successful people never give up. After facing the failures many times and loosing all the money and energy still how they are enough courageous to take risks again???

I smiled, because I know what was the reason behind the success of all those people who are our inspiration, our guides and our role model; and the reason was ‘FAITH” also known as ‘believe’.

They had faith in their dreams, they knew very well that whatever will be the situation they’ll nail it. They have so strong faith in there particular goals that the obstacles were totally negligible...

Now I’m on the conclusion that, I was on the wrong track because I’m doing something which will never take me to my destination, it’ll only distract me. May be not at the age of 20 but I can set my goal again may be at 25 or something but yeah one day I’ll reach there,I’ll surely do…One day!!!

(It’s never too late)😇

Here are some of the thought that I have collected from various social media platforms. I want to share these too…

Thanks for reading:)

( Sorry for grammatical errors. Suggestions are heartily invited)

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