Power of smile

Hallo everyone…I hope you all are doing good in life. Either struggling or enjoying, you must be having the experience of sweet and salty life.

Today I’m going to discuss about most precious gift given by almighty God. You must have read the title and I know you have guessed also….

Yes, That beautiful and precious gift is smile... These days when everyone is totally busy with their life, somehow people have lost this precious gift. They hardly smile or share with someone.

Smile is contagious. It is the priceless gift to be given or taken.

Today I was going to the market and there was a little girl who by mistake hits me with her tiny bicycle. Earlier, I could say anything she smiled politely and said,”Sorry”. I was mesmerized my her gesture. I also smiled and walked away.

This is the beauty of smile it can melt anyone’s heart.

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. – Anthony

When you share a smile with anyone this means that you’re sharing peace and joy with the person. Smile is like an ornament which increases the beauty of your personality.

Smile is the universal language of love and friendship. It is mutually understood by everyone.

Smile for everything you have, and keep a hopeful smile for the things that you don’t have. Smile for the sunlight, smile for the fresh inspiring morning. Smile for the people around you. Have a smile for everything and everyone. In today’s world most of the people have lost their smile somewhere…So go and share a smile with them too.


When a sweet smile can change your day then why to be a miser???

Keep smiling….🙂

Sayonara 🙋

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