After waiting for so long, today I watched Padmavat

I hope till now almost everyone had seen this brilliant and amazing movie. I am not a reviewer here but I want to share some points which I liked about this movie. I am totally influenced and amazed by all the characters, their dialogues, their expressions by now…

Everything was just beautifully expressed. After so many days I saw this movie which is really a jem in Indian cinema. I don’t know why everyone was protesting against the release of this movie. According to me, everyone should watch this movie because whatever we know about respected queen Padmavati is very little, after watching this movie I was able to feel all the sacrifices that she does to secure her self respect. She sacrificed her life for the sake of her glory and dignity and this movie was like a tribute to her.

The movie was not only about the queen but also about the king of Mewar Maharawal Ratan Singh, about his foundation and values for life, about his responsibilities towards his people.

In this movie the obsession of Alauddin was picturized accurately and Ranveer Singh does justice with his character.

All the actors and actresses plays their part very well. Shahid kapoor as King Ratan Singh, Dipika Padukone as Padmavati, Aditi Rao Haidari as Mehroonisha ( wife of Alauddin) and Ranveer Singh as Alauddin…


Ghoomar song by shreya ghoshal, Ek Dil Ek Jaan by Shivam Pathak was the songs which I liked the most in this movie, and the Ghoomar dance by Dipika was beautiful. ( Since my favorite actress is Dipika so I like everything about her😉)

Best scene-

For me the last jauhar seen was the best scene in the movie and the expressions at Rani Padmavati’s face was splendid. The satisfactory smile she gave when she was about to jump into the fire was very spontaneous and it shows that how an Indian lady can happily sacrifice anything to save her dignity. The background music in this scene and the screenplay gave me goosebumps…

If you had not scene this movie yet then I must say you are missing a great act of bollywood!!!

Must watch….

Proud to be an Indian lady😇😇😇

7 thoughts on “Padmavat

  1. I don’t usually watch a lot of Bollywood movies but I really enjoyed this one! This was a fun review! Please do check out my blogs as well, fellow reviewer!

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