Perfectly mismatched part 3

Part 3
The clock was ticking… 1.30 AM… But she was unable to sleep, as she was very nervous, yet excited at the same time. She was continuously thinking about the tournament… She has been training for almost a year and the next morning would be the start of a big day for her, meant to draw her future. That day was going to decide whether she would play in future or not.
She got up from the bed and checked her kit-bag again. She was doing this for the third time. She checked her shoes, racket, spray, everything was in its place. She even took out her lucky T-shirt and placed it in her kit-bag. The bag was ready now.
Sleep was miles away from her eyes… But to get up fresh in the morning, she had to take a sound sleep. She chose to sleep in his bed.
It was a lovely winter morning. Sun was smiling in the sky, wishing “Good morning!” to the world. It was that special for day for Meera. She woke up and got ready. She reached the playing court on time… There were players from different Universities and everyone was prepared and waiting for the match to start.
After some time, the chief guest came and introduction with players started. Everyone shook hands with the guest and the championship began…
Meera was all nervous and excited – it was her first match, with a player of similar strength as hers. She went on and started playing… Her team members were shouting her name… “Meera! Meera!” After a lot of struggle, she won that match… What a relief! (Sigh!!!)
She was sweating and gasping, yet she was happy! She drank some water and went on preparing for the next match…
Suddenly, Shrejali came running, telling Meera that she was in the finals already, as the player for the second round was injured. What a miracle!!! She was shivering with joy! Shrejali hugged Meera and congratulated her for winning.
The next match Meera was to play in was the final one. It would be the most complicated match for Meera, as she had lost matches to the following opponent, in the previous championship! Both the players were on their respective court. Toss!!! Meera’s opponent, Pranjali, won the toss, so she chose her court. Meera had her confidence decreasing, but she knew she only had one chance to prove herself…
As the match began, both players were struggling to touch their dreams. They were giving their best shots. None of them was willing to give up the game. They were reaching to the shuttle as fast as they could. 75 minutes later, the winning team was shouting and enjoying the glorious moment of the day! Everyone was laughing! And jumping! And screaming that name! The winner’s name!
But Meera was crying… With joy! She had finally won the championship and saved her love from perishing – she was to keep her badminton game!


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