My fb account

Hiii everyone… I hope you all are doing well in your life. I’m also trying to move on with my complicated life. In this series,I’m here to tell you all, that two days ago I created an fb account again. It’s been almost two years when I was a social media addict but this time I’m not going to be an addicted one again. This is my new id and I’m trying to find all my fb friends from old id and I’m glad that almost everyone remember me…Yeye☺

And also I had created a page for my silly writings and quotes. 

You all are invited on my page and if you want to send me request then here is the link👉 Riya singh

And this is the link for my page👉 lost soul

Have a good day👼

8 thoughts on “My fb account

  1. Hi Riya. Someone once told me that no thoughts penned down are silly. That kept me going. I liked your thoughts. Please visit and follow me if you like to. Would appreciate your feedback on my world of thoughts 🙂

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      1. HemasSphere published it’s 2nd post today. 2nd of the series. Read it to know more.

        Speak, don’t just talk!

        You will be able to connect to my 1st post too.

        Would be honoured by your visit and presence on my page and would be appreciate your views.

        I can be followed on
        @hemassphere -Twitter

        Happy reading.


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