Perfectly mismatched part 2

Hii everyone!!! Here is the second part of the story.

The first part is here👉Perfectly mismatched part 1

Both the girls entered the  indoor. Everyone was practicing there. Meera took her kitbag and went inside the changing room and get dressed up for the practice match. She came outside and started warming up.

 There were six courts inside that badminton hall. She used to practice daily on the rightmost court, but today there was a new boy practicing on that court. He was tossing the shuttle back to back with his partner. Meera called Shrejali on that court and they started tossing the shuttle to the third line on the half court.

Tossing the shuttle Meera was thinking about the new player…What if he is good than her or if she should ask him to Start a match or not?

After sometime the new boy said,” I think we should start a match now. We should focus on our game skill. What do you think??

Shrejali agreed,” Yes, I was also thinking so.”

“Ok, fine. You’ll be in my team and Vivek and that girl will be our opponent”, said Abhay.

Meera and the new boy Abhay discussed their strategies with their partners and the match starts…Love all play…

Both the teams were playing hard to win. None of them were ready to give up. But you know in every game only one player wins. So in this game Shrejali and Abhay won the game.

Meera was sweating and gasping. She had tried a lot to win but she lose the game. Coach was patting Abhay’s shoulder, “Well done! You played very well. Your dodging technique was amazing. Keep it up.”

“Hey! Winning one game doesn’t declare you a champion okay…” Meera said in a frustrated voice.

“Calm down girl! You’ll get another chance to loose”. Said Abhay in a teasing voice.

“What did you just say. Say that again”, Meera asked in anger.

“Wait wait. Let’s go for streching. It’s time to go home.” Shrejali interfered.

Shrejali holds her hand and took her to changing room. 

While streching her legs Meera was thinking about the game continuously. She was thinking about the last shot. She should go for the shuttle quickly. If she had done so, she must win the game. 

“I’ll teach him a lesson tomorrow” said Meera.

Next day she came little earlier to the ground.It was 5 AM. There was only six or seven players running on the ground. She was wearing her university track suit. There was no one from her team except Abhay. She started brisk walking as she reached the ground. Taking 4 rounds of her ground she stopped for a bit to stretch. Abhay was also completing his circle. He came to her and wished, ” Good morning! Today you’re here too early”.

She had not forgotten her last defeat. She only smiled a little and replied,” Yes, I wanted to practice more; that’s why!

“Ok then, I’m going inside. Come inside when your running is complete.” Said Abhay and then waved his hand.
Meera started running…She was again thinking about her next tournament and the promise he had to her father.

Her father never supported her for sports. He was always against her extra activities. It was not like he was never happy when she used to win but as an Indian parent her parents also thought that there is no scope for sports in India. He told Meera to focus on her studies but Meera was that type of girl who used to draw shuttlecock during his class lectures and she used to bunk her classes for practice match. Because of a lot pressure from her family, she had promised her father that if she looses the next tournament she’ll never play again.

This promise from her father was like a death promise for her because if she looses then there must not be any chance to meet his first love again which was badminton.

After her running schedule she went inside and there were Shrejali and Abhay practicing together. 
“Hii Meera! Let’s start the match. Go and dress up fast” said Shrejali in excitement.
Meera went inside the changing room and came outside fully dressed for the game. She started warming up. They all were ready for the practice match. 
” Listen Meera, this time you’ll be in Abhay’s team. Since you both have good technique and stamina, it’ll be a great team for mixed doubles.” Said coach. 

Meera wanted to win from Abhay but just because the coach has decided to play both of them in a team, so see has to agree.

She went to the same court as in Abhay. 

They both discussed the strategy and started the game… Love all play…

The game continues for half an hour. After so much effort Meera and Abhay win the game. But there was a coordination problem between them because Meera was a right handed player and Abhay was a lefty. 

After one week there was trials held in their university. And after this match coach decided that both Meera and Abhay will play for mixed doubles and Shrejali and Vivek will fight for single title……to be continued

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