Happy New year 2018

Hey!!! beautiful people out there. I hope you all are doing well in you life. Today is the last day of this year, so I wanted to change my blog view and it is changed now. Now my world of thoughts is in pink colour, the colour of love ( since I’m so lovely person soo…..😉)
Well all the credit goes to my wonderful, beautiful, and a kind hearted friend Anitei Andrada. She is as beautiful as her soul. She is a web designer, writer and editor. She is very passionate about her work. Her work represents her hard work.  She is the person who live far away from me but still she help me and take care of me whenever I need. If you need any kind of site designing, you can contact her at her blogs. She will design your site according to your will. 

Love you Ani💕 and wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR🎂

12 thoughts on “Happy New year 2018

  1. Riya, I can’t think of a greater act of recognition! I am aware of my self-worth, yet your appreciation is the most beautiful compliment brought to my passion!

    Thank you for being beautiful, my dear Pearl 😊

    May this Year be the one to bring you closer to your most endaring dreams and the symbol of your goals’ accomplishment! 😊🤗

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